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  • Last week the MEC voted unanimously to approve a new Letter of Agreement incentivizing voluntary upgrades and improving overall quality of life for everyone at the airline. In this email we’d like to explain the details of this new LOA, LOA 49. You can read the full text of the LOA here:
  • The MEC held a special meeting recently and voted to approve LOA 49 which ratifies the previously announced AIP. Full details are found in today’s separate LOA 49 communication with explanations, charts, and the attached LOA. Highlights include competitive pay raises for all pilots, captain upgrade and retention bonuses, commuter hotels and reserve pilot benefits.
  • After weeks of discussions with the company focused on staffing issues (specifically a shortage of Captains) the MEC is pleased to announce we have reached an Agreement in Principle with management. This AIP will delay a looming involuntary displacement bid and provides economic and quality of life gains for everyone.
  • As many of you are aware, staffing at our airline is a concern. Attrition is very high and this is causing an imbalance of Captains to First Officers. The Company previously tried to incentivize pilots to bid for upgrade just in DAY with a monthly cash bonus. They made this offer under the guise of LOA 37, new hire bonuses.
  • Survey Results/Career Progression More than 600 ALPA members responded to the recent FFD survey. Not surprisingly, a significant majority indicated a strong desire to transition from their current employment to a mainline, all-cargo, or low-cost carrier.
  • For this month’s Contract Corner, we will be reviewing the Commuter Policy of the CBA. Most of our pilots are probably familiar with the two-flight rule; however, we will dig a little deeper today. This policy is crucial for those of us who live out of base. If a pilot follows Section 26.T of the contract, they will not be subject to discipline, or have the unavailability counted as a part of the Company’s Attendance Policy.
  • The ARW MEC gathered for three days in March to hear reports from various committees, develop a strategic plan and to deliberate on legislative items. A synopsis of the meeting is presented here to inform the pilot group of the activities and outcomes of the meeting.
  • Just a reminder that the deadline for United Express pilots to register for the first round of the Aviate program is 11:59pm tonight, March 31. United reports that there have been some issues with pilots attempting to register recently, and the process must be followed exactly to ensure that your registration is accepted.
  • The MEC encourages all pilots to sign up for the latest version of the United Airlines Aviate program. Less than two weeks remain before the end-of-month application deadline for this new version of Aviate and the MEC believes there are no downsides to signing up.
  • The ARW Master Executive Committee is pleased to announce a virtual volunteer fair for any pilots interested in helping on any of the MEC’s committees. Join us to learn more about your chance to make a difference at Air Wisconsin for a better work experience.


Read the current Air Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Pilots for Pilots is a 501(c)(3) taxexempt charity created to offer financial assistance to ALPA pilots and their dependents to cover the immediate, extraordinary expenses that follow widespread, catastrophic events.


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