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  • Today we learned that certain lines from the Dayton captain bid package for March were uploaded incorrectly into the FLICA system. As a result, the lines as displayed in FLICA do not accurately represent the lines as constructed by the Company.
  • First off, we are seeing many of you wearing your MEC lanyards and sporting your MEC buttons. Showing your pride in your union delivers a clear message to management that we are unified in our determination to achieve industry competitive pay, work rules, and benefits.
  • The MEC would like to congratulate the pilots at Spirit Airlines on their recent pay increase. On December 9, 2022, a deal was reached between their MEC and their Company that included a 27 percent pay raise.
  • ust a reminder that the MEC's six-question mini-survey is still open for a few more days. Your Negotiating Committee is preparing for its first bargaining session of 2023 and would like to know your career plans.
  • United Airlines released an update to the status of the Aviate program. Tomorrow is the final day to opt in to Aviate! As of February 1, 2023, Air Wisconsin will no longer be a participating carrier for Aviate.
  • After much delay on the part of the Company, we finally have a negotiations meeting scheduled with the Company face to face at the United MEC office in Chicago February 1-3.
  • Next week our MEC Negotiating Committee will be holding its first bargaining session with the company for 2023. In preparation for the upcoming round of talks the NC has created a brief mini-survey we’d like all pilots to take online as soon as possible.
  • This week’s Contract Corner will look at when a pilot may be released from a reserve assignment. Section 25.O.6 of the CBA outlines release from reserve assignment. At the end of a flight assignment, a reserve pilot is required to contact Crew Services and determine whether they are assigned additional flight segments or released to rest.
  • As other carriers are paying their pilots more and improving their pilots’ quality of life, Air Wisconsin seems to be in favor of further taking advantage of the pilot group. As you may have seen, many schedules in January include scheduled taxi segments to and from our hangars in ATW, MKE, and DAY.
  • Today and tomorrow, your MEC will be in ORD. As stated in previous communications, the Company continues to stall and delay all efforts at negotiating for better work rules and pay for our pilot group. Your MEC demands the best for the pilot group and will not settle for less; we deserve a competitive package!


Read the current Air Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Pilots for Pilots

Pilots for Pilots is a 501(c)(3) taxexempt charity created to offer financial assistance to ALPA pilots and their dependents to cover the immediate, extraordinary expenses that follow widespread, catastrophic events.


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